贵州DM ILM徕卡倒置金相显微镜

贵州DM ILM徕卡倒置金相显微镜






Leica DM ILM

Leica DM ILM专为一般金相和材料测试中的所有检查和测量任务而设计,用于进料的检查,生产控制,检查样品制备过程以及金相培训。 

The Leica DM ILM is specially designed for all inspection and measurement tasks in metallography and material testing in general, for inspection of incoming materials, production control, checking sample preparation processes and also for metallo-graphic training. 


Do you need a task-oriented and cost-effective microscope? 

如果是这样,Leica DM ILM正是您想要的。 

If so, the Leica DM ILM is just what you’re looking for. 


Besides being easy to use, it is highly efficient and versatile – although it accommodates samples of all sizes, it has a slender footprint. 

Leica HC光学家族的高性能光学器件可确保最大的图像分辨率和对比度。

High performance optics from the Leica HC family of optics guarantee maximum image resolution and contrast. 


The new HC objective series is a further development of Leica’s famous Plan and Delta infinity optics. 


The continuity of Leica infinity optics is a practical advantage that our customers soon come to appreciate.


The basic stand 

由坚固,耐腐蚀的铸铝制成,具有  令人愉悦的浅色漆面和清洁,光滑的表面。 显微镜的基本T形具有很高的稳定性,并为手部移动提供了足够的  空间,并且易于使用控件。 带有减震脚的显微镜底座可防止振动的  传递,即使在高放大倍率和大量样品的情况下,也能确保稳定的图像  。 

is made of sturdy, corrosion-resistant cast aluminium with a pleasantly light paint finish and clean, smooth surfaces. The microscope’s basic T-shape provides high stability and ample space for hand movement and easy access to the controls. The microscope’s base with vibration damping feet prevents the transfer of vibrations and guarantees a steady image even at high magnifications and with heavy samples. 

内置6 V 35 W电源 

Built-in 6 V 35 W power supply 


The built-in power supply is an ergonomic feature which saves a lot of space on the workdesk. There is no clutter of cables and the microscope can easily be moved to another table as a single unit. 

此外,该支架还有一个卡口安装互换件,用于外部  供电的带有12 V 100 W卤素灯或Hg 50/100 W  汞灯和Xe 75 W气体放电灯的灯罩。根据要求,也可以同时安装两个灯罩,例如用于明场和荧光灯工作。

Also, the stand has a bayonet mount interchange for externally powered lamphousings with 12 V 100 W halogen or Hg 50/100 W and Xe 75 W gas discharge lamps. On request, two lamp-housings can also be fitted simultaneously, e. g. for brightfield and fluorescence work.

New incident light system

Incident light system with new llumination principle 
新的照明轴可以接受不同类型的光源  (灯丝或放电弧),从而确保具有最大强度和均匀性的最佳光束  。视场光阑和孔径  光阑根据公认的Koehler原理进行布置  。由于视场光阑已预先调整为  固定的最佳设置,因此在将孔径光阑居中时不存在混淆的风险  ,因为光阑会影响分辨率,  对比度和视场深度。 
The new illumination axis accepts different types of light sources (lamp filament or discharge arc), ensuring an optimal light flux of maximum intensity and homogeneity. The field and aperture diaphragms are arranged in accordance with the proven Koehler principle. As the field diaphragm is preadjusted to a fixed optimal setting, there is no risk of a mixup when centering the aperture diaphragm, which is responsible for resolution, contrast and field depth. 
入射光反射器封装在3位置  反射器滑轨中,可根据需要轻松更换。 滤光片 
显微镜支架中两个直径为32 mm的滤光片的永久集成位置,以及用于贵州其他直径为50 mm的滤光片的可选中间件  ,可以对观察和图像记录的照明进行特定的优化。 
The incident light reflectors are enclosed in the 3-position reflector slide, where they are easily exchanged as necessary. Light filters 
Two permanently integrated positions for filters of 32 mm diameter in the microscope stand, plus an optional intermediate piece for other filters of 50 mm diameter allow specific optimization of the illumination for observation and image docu-mentation. 
3-plate mechanical stage 
for samples of differing shapes and sizes. Before material defects can be detected, the interesting parts of the material must be accessible. From small to large, the 3-plate mechanical stage can accept nearly all sample sizes and also allows non-destructive microscopic examination of large components. 
247 x 230 mm的大载物台表面可以轻松容纳  宽而高的组件,对于体积较大的样品,可以完全移除150 x 150 mm的矩形内载物台 。将小样品放在内嵌板上,内嵌板上有80 mm,40 mm,30 mm和20 mm的孔。这些可选地带有旋钮,用于取出或旋转样品。 
The large stage surface of 247 x 230 mm easily accommodates wide and tall components, and for bulky samples, the inner rectangular stage insert of 150 x 150 mm can be completely removed. Small samples are placed on the inner insets which have holes of 80 mm, 40 mm, 30 mm and 20 mm. These are option-ally available with knobs for removing or rotating the sample. 
High load bearing capacity – wide adjustment range 
基本支架上的双面大台架支撑的样品重量最大为8 kg。 
在xy方向上的60 x 40 mm的宽调节范围允许  快速扫描并快速访问样品有趣,重要的部分。
The two-sided, large stage support on the basic stand bears sample weights of up to 8 kg. 
The wide adjustment range of 60 x 40 mm in x-y direction allows swift scanning and fast access to the interesting, important parts of the sample. 
Nosepiece focusing – reliable and precise 
Samples are focused by vertical adjustment of the 4-position objective nosepiece and the objectives used. Focusing precision is not influenced by the weight of the stage and the sample.

The optics

光学元件是显微镜的心脏,对信息质量起决定性作用。Leica DM ILM 显微镜专为入射光明场,偏振对比度和荧光而设计,可与M25 mm或RMS螺纹的Leica系列中的所有无限远高性能目标兼容。甚至更早类型的具有RMS螺纹的Leica(Leitz)物镜也可以在Leica DM ILM上使用。
The optics are the heart of a microscope and decisive for the quality of the information. Designed for incident light brightfield, polarization contrast and fluorescence, the Leica DM ILM microscope is compatible with all infinity high performance objectives in the Leica range with M25 mm or RMS thread. Even earlier types of Leica (Leitz) objectives with RMS thread can be adapted for use on the Leica DM ILM.


Observation and phototubes 
DM ILM具有用于图像记录的多种观察管和光电管,包括视角从0°到35° 可变的显像管 。所有的试管都配备了1x无限远摄镜,可旋转360°,因此也可以从侧面使用显微镜。提供以下试管:
The DM ILM has a wide selection of observation and phototubes for image documentation, including a tube with variable viewing angle from 0° to 35°. All the tubes are equipped with an infinity tube lens 1x and are rotatable through 360°, so that the microscope can also be used from the side. The following tubes are available: 
双目镜筒HC ILB 
Binocular tube HC ILB 
视角为45°,用于外径为23.2 mm的目镜 
with 45° viewing angle, for eyepieces with 23.2 mm outer diameter 
三眼管HC ILT 
Trinocular tube HC ILT 
视角为45°,  适用于外径为23.2 mm的目镜,侧面装有垂直照片/  电视,可切换光路为100%相对100%的  照片/电视。摄影/电视出口在试管侧面88毫米处的位置  具有不会遮挡样品台和样品视线的优点  。
with 45° viewing angle, for eyepieces with 23.2 mm outer diameter with vertical photo/ TV exit at the side with switchable light path 100 % vis/100 % photo/TV. The position of the photo/TV exit 88 mm to the side of the tube has the advantage of not obstructing the view of the stage and specimen. .
其他管子也可以与中间件IL / L相匹配: 
Other tubes can be adapted with the intermediate piece IL/L: 
双目镜筒HC LB 
Binocular tube HC LB 
三目镜筒HC L VB 
Trinocular tube HC L VB 
视角可变0°– 35° 
with variable viewing angle 0° – 35° 
三目镜筒HC L1 T 
Trinocular tube HC L1 T 
光路50%对/ 50%照片/电视 
light path 50 % vis/50 % photo/TV 
三目镜筒HC L3 T 
Trinocular tube HC L3 T 
光路100%相对于100%的照片/电视和50%/ 50% 
light path 100 % vis/100 % photo/TV and 50 %/50 % 
三目镜筒HC L V1T 
Trinocular tube HC L V1T 
视角0°– 35°可变,  光路50%vis / 50%照片/电视
with variable viewing angle 0° – 35° and light path 50 % vis/50 % photo/TV 

Accessory systems

配件系统 (用于DML管系列)
Accessory systems (for DML tube series)
for raising the viewing position by 30 mm.
Magnification changer
在转盘中具有1倍,1.5倍,2倍的倍率,用于逐步改变  总放大倍率而不改变物镜。
with factors 1x, 1.5x, 2x in turret plate, for stepwise alteration of the total magnification without changing the objective.
Drawing device
For photomacrography and videography with 1:1 reproduction ratio. Used for tracing structures of the specimen on a drawing surface next to the microscope.
显微硬度计Paar MHT 10
Microhardness tester Paar MHT 10
Microhardness testing in a load range of 0.5 pond to 400 pond is simple with an inverted microscope. Microscopic hardness testing is particularly useful for measuring thin layers in fine structural constituents.
CCD适配器 (对于所有三目镜筒)
CCD adapters (for all trinocular tubes)
We have a selection of CCD adapters for analog and digital image documentation as a video print or computer print-out with standard magnification and large picture areas.
The reduction or enlargement factors are matched to the chip sizes of the CCD cameras to give the largest possible picture area.
Cameras with smaller chip sizes can also be used, but result in smaller picture diagonals. We achieve top imaging quality by optical matching of the CCD adapters to the geometry of the cameras.

Digital image documentation

徕卡DC100 / DC200
Leica DC100/DC200
Digitized microscope images can be displayed directly on the PC screen and processed. They can be printed out and used in multimedia or Internet applications.
带有重新设计的HC摄像机适配器的新型HC光学器件的质量  在数字图像文档中尤其引人注目。
The quality of the new HC optics with redesigned HC camera adapters is particularly noticeable in digital image documentation.
新型DC 100数码相机是专门为显微镜设计的,  具有光学和软件功能,可与PC,TWAIN  驱动程序和Leica Qwin图像分析软件兼容,其样式  与Leica显微镜的功能优雅相协调。
Specially designed for microscopy, the new DC 100 digital camera with optics and software is compatible with PC, TWAIN drivers and Leica Qwin
image analysis software and styled to harmonize with the functional elegance of Leica microscopes.
Leica Q550 W图像分析系统 和Leica Qwin图像分析软件。
Leica Q550 W image analysis system and Leica Qwin image analysis software.
Leica image data base and archiving systems.
显微镜,数字图像处理,图像存档,图像  分析–徕卡用于材料分析的整个系统。
Microscope, digital image processing, image archiving, image analysis – an entire system by Leica for material analysis.

Measurement and comparison

Eyepiece graticules with their fine, highly precise line patterns belong to the standard equipment of an inspection microscope for length and distance measurement, grain and particle size determination. Both types of eyepieces (23.2 and 30 mm diameter) with adjustable eyelens (M type) can be fitted with suitable eyepiece graticules on request or retrofitted later. E.g.:
刻度为10 mm的刻度= 100格
Graticules with scale 10 mm = 100 divisions
Graticules with standard circle and reference length for grain and particle sizes
Graticules with ASTM-E112 grain size pattern
100个网格中10 x 10 mm的刻度
Graticules with 10 x 10 mm in 100 grid divisions
Format outline graticules for photomicrography
Stage micrometer for calibration
Leica DMMFK2
Video measurement crosslines for length, angle and circle measurements by optical overlay of reference marks on the video screen in connection with CCTV systems.

Choice of 3 microscope camera systems:
徕卡MPS 30和MPS 60
Leica MPS 30 and MPS 60
Automatic camera system with photodiode (extremely wide linear working range). Even critical specimens are optimally exposed with integral or spot (1%) measurement. A whole array of automatic functions and memories make operation easier and saving time.
Leica DMLD
新型Leica DMLD相机系统中集成的最先进的芯片技术可自动确保即使是最低的光强度和最精细的样品结构也能正确曝光。您可以选择3种程序,用于所有照明/对比度技术,可以在积分模式和点模式下使用。照明目镜刻度线对于聚焦深色样本(Pol,DF,Fluo)特别有用。多种自动功能(例如包围曝光)和10个记忆(用于个别设置)使Leica DMLD易于使用。可以轻松连接PC以进行操作,数据采集等,相应的Windows程序可用。
The state-of-the-art chip technology integrated in the new Leica DMLD camera system automatically ensures that even the lowest light intensities and the finest specimen structures are correctly exposed. You have a choice of 3 programs, which can be used in both integral and spot mode, for all illumination/contrasting techniques. An illuminated eyepiece graticule is especially useful for focusing dark specimens (Pol, DF, Fluo). A number of automatic functions (e.g. bracketing) and 10 memories (for individual settings) make the Leica DMLD easy to use. A PC can easily be connected for operation, data  acquisition, etc., a corresponding Windows program is available.
CCD adapters
There is a choice of C-mount and B-mount (ENG) adapters with fixed and zoom magnification.

Viewing height   观看高度:
with ILB/ILT tubes:390 mm   带ILB / ILT管:390 mm
with HC L tubes:410 mm  带HC L管:410 mm
with HC L V tubes (ergo):350 – 450 mm   带HC低压管(ergo):350 – 450 mm
Size of microscope:显微镜尺寸:
Front-to-back with lamphousing:650 mm  前后带灯罩:650 mm
Width (max.):320 mm  宽度(最大):320毫米
Objective thread:M25 x 0.75   物镜螺纹: M25 x 0.75
Eyepiece diameter:23.2 mm (ILB/ILT tubes)、30 mm (HCL tubes)  目镜直径: 23.2 mm(ILB / ILT管),30 mm(HCL管)
Filter diameter::32 mm (50 mm optional)  过滤器直径:: 32毫米(可选50毫米)

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